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Ernest DelMonico, Owner/Operator
I have been working on computers for about 15 years and most of my experience has been learned for trail and error on my own computers. I graduated from Kaplan University in Computer Information Science.
Finished my Associates in May of 2012. This business was established Feb. 12 and since that time I have been able to help over 500 clients and over 1000 jobs completed. I cover a 50 mile radius, as far north as Carthage and Watertown and as far south as Utica area and even down toward Illion.  
I have experience in: 
Microsoft Office Suite
MS Access Data Basing
Java Programming 
​Networking with Servers and Wireless Network Capabilities
Some Experience with Linux Distributions (Operating System) 
Working on learning about the Macintosh Operating System
Very experienced working with the Windows Operating System  

Also have another website I work with as well:
Email Address:
Phone Number: 315-335-1216

​We are located at 111 Main Street Boonville, NY 13309

About Ernest DelMonico
Ernest DelMonico is an Owner/Operator for Ernest DelMonico Computer Repair and is operated right here in Boonville, NY.  My mission statement is very simple I want to provide excellent computer service at an affordable rate.

This business was created in 2011 to help give affordable computer service at a low cost. I see commercials on TV that offer getting computer service with Geek Squad or Staples, but what they don't tell you is Geek Squad charges $75 dollars just to bring the computer in for work or Staples charges $40 dollars just to change a stick of memory which is a 5 minute process and their service is going to treat you as that your just another face. With my company I treat every computer that comes into me as if they were my own.
Interested in learning how to make your computer run great again?
I'm Committed In Protecting Your Information And Life On The Internet 
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